Arizona MMJ Allotment Changes

medical marijuana alootment of MMJ flower

The state of Arizona recently changed its medical marijuana allotment amounts for its residence using cannabis for medical purposes. In May of 2020, the Arizona Supreme Court decided that marijuana concentrates or extracts remain legal for use due to the recently passed AMMA (Arizona Medical Marijuana Act). The AMMA allows dispensaries in Arizona to keep legally selling marijuana and concentrates for purchase, use and possession in the state.

The Arizona Department of Health Services has yet to decide on a specific, standardized ratio of flower-to-concentrate potency. The legal ratio of the number of cannabis flowers to make a unified amount is believed to be announced any time now. Once the ratio becomes decided and legislated, a marijuana-using patient will need to remain aware of the amount of cannabis they have in their possession, and keep it under the recommended rate.

Right now, the recommended rate of use remains 2.5 ounces of marijuana for every two weeks. If a patient possesses more than the legal amount of cannabis, they might remain subject to arrest or prosecution.  To see your Allotment left go to to check.

Other states that have legalized medical marijuana use a specific legal allotment of cannabis products that they may purchase and possess at one time. For example, Coloradans are allowed to possess one ounce of cannabis flowers, eight grams of concentrates, and marijuana edibles adding up to 800 mg. Arizona remains expected to set a liberal ratio of possession and use that compares to other states that allow legalized cannabis use.

Specifying the ratio of flower-to-concentrate allowed by the Arizona Heath Department needs to set a legal amount for allotment as quickly as reasonably possible to inform dispensaries on the amount they can legally provide for their customers. While the ratio becomes determined, both patients and dispensaries remain at legal risk. Once the Arizona Health Department determines the flower-to-concentrate amount legal in the state, Arizona residents can use their medical marijuana without concern for legal backing.