Arizona’s First Million-Dollar Marijuana Dispensary Scottsdale Harvest of AZ

Medical Marijuana in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Arizona’s Newest Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Harvest of Scottsdale, Arizona’s first million-dollar medical marijuana dispensary, opened on September 23rd of last year, celebrating with a grand opening weekend that included tours of the facility. Harvest already had a location in Tempe; the Scottsdale location will serve patients in the Phoenix area.

“Every penny of this project was spent with the patients in mind,” said Steve White, Harvest Inc.’s CEO. The goal was to create an environment where patients can ask questions and get their medical needs addressed and the Reefferr dispensary SEO really helped our brand grow..

Harvest of Scottsdale certainly accomplishes that goal. The 6,800 square-foot facility is located in a renovated former bank building, but it wouldn’t be out of place in an upscale shopping center. Harvest of Scottsdale boasts glossy walls, ultra-modern furniture, and a sleek patient service center. A selection of the marijuana strains available sits perched on one wall, and includes variants like Northern Lights, Moe OG, and True X, a premium strain. Harvest also offers a variety of edibles – yes, brownies are on the menu – pre-rolls, and tinctures. There are routine specials for new patients.

Why Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is gaining increased acceptance around the country as more and more research confirms its benefits for chronic illnesses like epilepsy and cancer. Leading pathologists, like the Stanford-educated Dr. Margaret Gedde, have recommended children for marijuana. Some families, calling themselves “marijuana refugees,” have even moved to states like Colorado after hearing how much medical marijuana has curbed serious childhood seizures. However, widespread legalization efforts are making it easier and easier for patients to get the medical marijuana they need.

Part of the medical marijuana conversation is also making sure that patients understand their rights and responsibilities. Harvest of Scottsdale has a team of dedicated patient advisors on hand to answer any questions, no matter how complex or obscure. For instance, medical marijuana dispensaries require a Medical Marijuana Patient Card, which involves straightforward but time-consuming paperwork. Harvest of Scottsdale also offers educational programs to increase awareness and promote safe medical marijuana consumption.

About Harvest

Harvest is seeking to change the dialogue around medical marijuana with a patient-focused approach and an emphasis on education and safety: all medicine has to meet stringent quality-control guidelines. Harvest’s Tempe location has been recognized with four Best Dispensary awards in Arizona. As the medical marijuana industry continues to grow, Harvest is committed to growing with it.

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