Recreational Medical Marijuana in Nevada Paves way for Arizona Legal Weed


With every passing day, it is getting increasingly easier to prefer a summer trip to Las Vegas and Reno to many other destinations.
The Las Vegas recreational weed Sun reports that, on Monday, the Nevada tax commission voted for the licensing of qualified medical marijuana dispensaries to start selling pot meant for recreational purposes starting July 1.

The commission intends to beat a January 1 deadline to draft regulations regarding the sales of recreational dispensaries providing marijuana. It has, however, decided to give new provisional licenses to shops that meet the qualifications to act as a trial before the program is fully implemented in 2018.

Officials reiterated their desire to adopt regulations so as to meet Gov. Brian Sandoval’s budget request to rake in $70 million from recreational marijuana taxes in the next two years.

Nevada’s tax department director Deonne Contine said that if these regulations are not adopted, the temporary program will most likely not come to pass and, consequently, the revenue included in the governor’s budget will be difficult to realize.

When this Nevada law comes into effect, adults will be allowed to buy as much as one ounce of marijuana or an eighth ounce of concentrates. People will also have the freedom to plant a maximum of six marijuana plants for personal use.

The legalization of recreational marijuana sales will not have come at a better time for major players in the weed industry, most of whom have reiterated their gratification.Steven White, who owns The Source dispensaries, told the Las Vegas dispensary Review-Journal that this is great news for the state, the industry and for everybody as well.

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